Little Dixie Staff Members Honored

Little Dixie Staff Members Honored

Little Dixie CAA Staff Members were honored at the 2019 Oklahoma Association of Community Action Agencies Annual Banquet. Staff members were honored for their years of service and dedication to the agency.

Staff present to receive awards were:
Adina Burrell 10 years, Carla Herd 10 years, Karen Burton 20 years  Rhonda Teague 20 years, Rebecca Reynolds 25 years, Herman Adams 25 years, Jerry Burton 30 years, Kelly Thomas 30 years and Terri Harless 40 years.

Staff not present, but receiving awards:
Jordan Mack 10 years, Amanda Terrebonne 10 years, Hope Scott 10 years, April Joiner 10 years, Teresa Phelps 10 years, Carla Deupree 10 years, Doris Long 15 years, Angela Dickey 15 years, Marsha Zulkey 20 years and Sheila Price 30 years.

Congratulations staff on your many years of dedicated service!

Adina Burrell 10 years
Carla Herd 10 years
Karen Burton 20 years
Rhonda Teague 20 years
Becky Reynolds 25 years
Herman Adams 25 years
Jerry Burton 30 years
Kelly Thomas 30 years
Terri Harless 40 years

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